It offers an account of growing instability that mirrors our own loss of structure and sanity

Saul Bellow, Photograph by Jeff Lowenthal, via Wikimedia Commons

Dangling Man is written in the form of the journal of a 27-year-old man named Joseph in 1940s Chicago. Joseph leaves his job to answer the call of induction to the army. His enlistment is delayed by bureaucratic hurdles, and with his past employer unable to rehire him, he is stuck in a sort of limbo.

The description of this state of being untethered, jobless, and lonely makes this book extremely relevant to readers during the Pandemic.

“In a city where one has lived nearly all his life, it is not likely that he will ever be solitary; and yet…

/No more noodle arms / Serious negative pull-up DOMS

My Noodle Arms

About a year ago, my family did a round-robin arm wrestling tournament. I lost to both my parents who at 60 qualify as senior citizens in many countries. I am at the ripe old age of 25.

After years of asking friends and family (usually male) to open jars for me and help me lift luggage into overhead cabins, this was the last straw. My youth and feminism said enough was enough.

Lack of upper body strength stopped me from doing some basic and some not so basic things. When I didn’t have access to a washing machine and had…

Dangling Human

I’m a runner, writer, and programmer. My struggles with mental illness have pushed me towards philosophy, spirituality, and self-improvement. Onward and upward!

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